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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hot New Stuff at 100 Mile Finds

We are so lucky to have an ongoing fountain of inspiration here at 100 Mile Finds.  Vendors come up with new items every day and we continue to be amazed at the talent we have so close.  We wanted to highlight a few new 'favourite things'.

Ginger Art Lamps has a fabulous black and white shade featuring New York City (more than 100 Miles, but iconic none-the-less.

Blissful Sew has come up with this great care seat organizer that you can make yourself.  We know it is impossible to reach back and pass the book to the little person strapped into their seat.  This is one sanity saving item.

And yes, the big shopping holiday is still pretty far, but these items might help you feel like one of those really organized people.  Eco-Parent's Holiday Giving Issue focuses on how to buy "better" over the holiday season - however you celebrate! Buy better, rather than more, and using your dollars to do good, will be featured. We love that.
And Mummi-Quilts recently posted their holiday table runner/cloth napkins.  That will make you feel prepared.

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