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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chef Gabriele Ferron at Butcher By Nature

On Friday November 9th between 4pm and 7pm,
Butcher By Nature will be hosting a tasting of various risotto dishes prepared by Master Chef Gabriele Ferron of  Verona, Italy.

For me, there are certain dishes that you order in restaurants, they are just too much work to make at home, risotto is definitely a restaurant dish. I LOVE risotto but as far as I'm concerned, it takes way too much effort on my part, especially when the end result isn't guaranteed!  "Don't stir my rice. It's too delicate." music to my ears.

Master Chef Gabriele Ferron known as the "World Ambassador for Rice",  is renowned for his obsession with risotto. He wants to save us from the labour of risotto! "15-minute risotto, so you can spend more  time living!"
Also known as the "King of Rice" Ferron is a rice-master chef, he mills his own rice at the Antica Pila Vecia farm, just outside Verona, Italy. His empire includes a production company, two restaurants, and an academy. His product lines include risotto, rice grissini, rice biscuits, pasta made from rice flour, rice polenta and more. There are even gluten-free and celiac options available.

Ferron rice is a high quality cereal which creates supreme rice products and tasty, nutritional dishes. Among the wide variety of products manufactured by Ferron there are two different kinds of rice, Carnaroli rice and Vialone Nano rice. Carnaroli rice originated from cross-breeding Vialone and Lencino rices and is now regarded as the best rice in Italy. The superfine, larger grain rice stays firm and distinct making it perfect for robust and delicate rice dishes including salads, risottos and timbales. Vialone nano rice is minimally processed so that the natural starches are preserved, producing a rich, flavourful & creamy risotto. Retaining more vitamins and minerals, it is a healthier alternative to other commercial products.

Join the folks at Butcher By Nature on Friday November 9th between 4pm and 7pm when Master Chef Gabriele Ferron prepares his organic Vialone Nano with different organic meats offered for sale at BBN. Sounds like we've got dinner covered!

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