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Monday, October 8, 2012

100 Mile Experiences

Much of our focus here at 100 Mile Finds is to bring you unique, local artisanal products that you won't generally find at a big box store.  We do feature 'unique' services on the site that we think are off the beaten track. When we originally started the site, we recognized that all services are local, so we thought it was important to not become another service directory.
That being said, I love the idea of giving an 'experience' as a gift.  My husband still says that the acrobatic flight he took from the Toronto Islands was one of the best gifts he ever had. And it supports the local economy.  And it does not come with excessive packaging.

I know we are all familiar with Groupon (and yes, we have heard from lots of retailers that these 'deals' come at a loss to them), but I can't help but mention Living Social.  The website is American, but you can be alerted to deals in your area.  The deals featured are all services/experiences - from B&B stays, dining, horseback riding to Puppet Theatre workshops.  Recently I saw a deal for 12 Kung Fu classes for $12!
Clearly the businesses want to get you in the door and hope that you will use them again.  I think it is a great way to try something new - who knows it may become your next passion. I recently bought a deal to do a paddleboarding lesson on Lake Ontario from Bluffers Park. It was great fun, and it got me out of both my neighbourhood and comfort zone.  Anyway, could not help but pass this along.  There are so many local things to do.

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