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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Stuff Cont'd

We like to feature vendors here in the blog and occasionally a 'theme' seems appropo.  Here are a few items that will remind you of summer well into February.

This painting by Cori Lee Marvin is called 'Violets - Simplicity itself, but upon closer inspection, an entire room is revealed in the sugar bowl. This beautiful limited edition framed print was originally painted in watercolour'. Cori Lee's daisy painting is another favourite.  Reminds me of the wild daisies I see growing by the side of the cottage road.

Steven Crainford's flowers in full bloom series also brings a jolt of colour into your life.  I love the softness in this shot of the pale yellow lily. 

And finally, keeping to a floral theme, what about this lotus flower pendant by Jaqui Michells? Gorgeous in sterling silver.

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