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Monday, August 20, 2012

Kat n' Drew Cards

I have been known to find the odd funny card in my card-buying life, so it is with some excitement that we welcome a new kind of card to 100 Mile Finds.  Kat 'n Drew cards come with a little somethin'-somethin' attached.  For example the All You Need is Love Charm card has a charm that  pops out and can be kept as a gift after the card has been given.

According to Kat 'n Drew,
"When our cards don't come with a small gift incorporated into the layout you can be sure that they change in size, defy traditional layouts or feature witty, funny and inspirational phrases. We use bookmarks, charms, bracelets, buttons and magnets to add to the card but encourage you to finish off your perfect gift with an inspired word to your special someone".
I personally like the Happy Wife Happy Life Card that has a magnet pop-out.  That is the gift that gives all year.

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