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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A really great fundraising idea...

Sponge Flower Creations makes fundraising simple, profitable, and fun for your organization!  Many parents, grandparents and friends have been excited to receive the gift of a one-of-a-kind keepsake that showcases the artwork of a beloved child.

I started Sponge Flower Creations almost three years ago when my oldest son, who was 3-years-old at the time, brought home reams of artwork from pre-school.  What was I going to do with all of these paintings and crafts?  Working with a few ideas I discovered from reading blogs, I began making pendants that depicted images from his artwork… the result was a unique gift that thrilled the grandmothers!

Today I am collaborating with organizations – daycares, pre-schools, Montessori schools - to collect great pieces of artwork created by children.  It may be something they painted at school - or something they worked on at home… a piece of art that parents cherish and want to share!  Almost anything works… bright colours with bold strokes and clean lines on a white sheet of paper are the best.

I gather the artwork, photograph the images, edit for colour, etc., and shrink the image so that it may be applied to a glass pendant.  The result: a tiny reproduction of a child’s precious artwork displayed as jewelry or a keepsake.

Each 1” round or square glass pendant is personalized with the child’s name and date (i.e. the year) on the back.  A 20” ball chain necklace, which can be adjusted, is included; or request a handmade leather necklace for a small additional cost.  For Father’s Day, I make cufflinks and keychains!

I have simplified the process for organizations as much as possible: I supply a parent information letter, order forms, and posters to advertise the fundraiser. Simply collect the artwork and order forms and I take care of the rest!  The fundraiser, from start to finish, will typically last 4 weeks and the organization will receive approximately 40% of the sales from each pendant ($10 per pendant sold).  Last Christmas, a pre-school of 47 families raised $1250 - half of their fundraising target for the year!

Christmas is a busy time and coming soon, so be sure to start your Sponge Flower Creations fundraiser early!

Feel free to contact me at  And all the best for a successful fundraiser!

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