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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Environmental Health Consulting

One of the newest vendors to 100 Mile Finds is Environmental Health Consulting.  Their slogan,
Live with joy, in the healthiest space possible. That makes sense to me.
They provide Healthy Home assessments, holistic evaluations (i.e. they look at the complete situation -the site, air flow, quality, contaminants, electric and magnetic fields...). "We provide guidance to creating healthier spaces, by identifying practical priorities, answering your questions, and conducting further research (including air sampling and laboratory testing) if needed. We will suggest common-sense, affordable strategies to improve your indoor air quality, reduce your electro-magnetic exposure, use safer products, save energy costs, and prioritize material changes in your home".
What a unique service!  The information in this field is daunting - I can feel overwhelmed about what to pick at the grocery store let alone my house.  We look forward to having Environmental Health Consulting on the 100 Mile Finds team.

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