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Monday, June 4, 2012

Argan Oil

A few months ago, my girl friend Lise introduced me to Argan oil. Lise is sorta famous for her fabulous hair, so if she’s using something new on her hair, I’m trying it.  All of the sudden it’s all I’ve been hearing about. Marilisa Racco wrote an article about Argan oil for the Globe in April and when I was at the Green Living Show this year there was a bunch of vendors flogging Argan Oil. It’s all the rage this Argan Oil, that’s for sure.  As a discerning shopper I want to know what to look for when buying Argan Oil, what makes one Argan Oil better than another AND of course I want to find a local company that supplies it.
First off you should know, Argan Oil isn’t just for hair, it’s a bit of a miracle cure. I use a touch on my hair everyday to keep the frizz down and make it look shiny. It’s great on your elbows and heals too. It can do everything from repair your damaged hair, reduce wrinkles and battle acne while diminishing the appearance of age spots and healing dry scalp and diaper rash! This is something you really want as part of your beauty regime.
Margaret of Beaulance Natural Skin Care, a Toronto based company, gave me a few tips on what to look for when you are purchasing Argan Oil. You want to make sure it comes directly from Morocco and it needs to be unrefined, organic and it shouldn’t be mixed with any other oils. She also mentioned that having been in business for so many years it has given her the opportunity to do extensive research when sourcing raw materials to guarantee high quality and the integrity of the product. Margaret gets her Argan Oil from a woman’s coop in Morocco and it is the purest you can get.
Another great tip Margaret passed on was if you wanted to give your hair a special treatment mix one part Argan Oil with one part Olive Oil, massage it into your hair and leave for an hour and then rinse. I know what a spritz in my hair does every morning, after a treatment like that you would be unstoppable!
Beaulance Natural Skin Care offers their Argan Oil with an atomizer which is really great. It ensures that you aren’t dumping a ton of product into your hand and wasting it and the atomizer allows for touch proof use, keeping the product clean.
Beaulance Natural Skin Care will be at the Toronto Raw/VeganFestival on June 9th and 10th. You should stop by and say hi! It looks like it’s going to be a great show.

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