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Monday, May 21, 2012

Take out Food

Listening to Sara Elton's Locavore radio bit on CBC a couple of weeks ago, when I heard her invited guest (and friend of 100 Mile Finds) Lisa Borden talk about her crusade to lessen take out food waste/packaging.  I have to say this has always been something I have felt guilty about if we get take out.  After one Swiss Chalet meal, my garbage can is full.  Many years ago when my parents lived in Thunder Bay, they told me that on Thursdays the Italian Canadian Club sold spaghetti take out.  Everyone brought their own container.  I thought this was hilarious - I imagined someone bringing the biggest corn pot they had trying to get away with this as a 'large size'.  Now, I realize that it was just good sense.
According to Lisa, when you call your favourite sushi/pasta takeout location, just let them know that you will be bringing a container, and most are happy to accommodate.  And my favourite tip is to bring a coffee cup in your car/lunch bag.  When you buy that 'second cup', just have them fill up yours.  It really is disturbing when you walk by city garbage bins full of cups.
Anyway, thanks for bearing with me as I clamber onto my soap box. If you would like more info on this subject, check out this link

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