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Monday, March 19, 2012

Yours Only by Weronika

100 Mile Finds welcomes new vendors here on the blog, and we are thrilled to introduce Yours Only by Weronika. Here's a little bit about Veronika:
"I fell in love with beads when I was a child. All of the beautiful colors, the different shapes and the endless combination’s you can create just by using beads amazes me to no end. Tiny stones, rocks and gems that have been around for centuries are staple accessories in various cultures, worn by all walks of life, and still they remain one of the strongest ways to express oneself in today’s society. One could say I am obsessed with beads, but I am just very passionate about them. I feel when someone is so passionate about something that passion should be shared with everyone.
That is where my original jewelry designs have come in. I want to share the beauty of beads with people; to make someone feel special and beautiful and even confident when they are wearing one (or many) of my pieces. I want someone to know that they are the only ones in the world who are wearing that necklace or those earrings or that coordinated set. Working from my home in Toronto with my daughter by my side, creating these one-of-a-kind pieces, is a dream come true; a dream that was only realized after I had my gorgeous girl".
We love her original designs and creative use of materials. Welcome to 100 Mile Finds!