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Monday, March 26, 2012


Sockbun is a new vendor to join 100 Mile Finds, and we are very excited to introduce Lisa's long eared charmers to you. Sockbuns are cuddly colourful rabbits made from little more than a pair of socks and a bit of thread. Each one has its own personality and style - read a little bit about each character on the site. Featured here are Paul (at left) who is a bit of a book worm, but good at keeping secrets, and the more adventurous Seamus (at right) who will charm you with his Sea Shanties.
Lisa started making sockbuns as "crafty and imaginative Xmas gifts for family and friends and was overwhelmed by the positive response her quirky minions generated. An ex-pharmacy technician, warehouse worker and sometimes blogger, Lisa now makes sockbuns fulltime".
Because of Lisa's love of rabbits, she is a proud supporter of Rabbit Rescue Inc. in Milton Ontario. A portion of the proceeds of each sockbun sale is made to Rabbit Rescue who help find permanent homes for abused, neglected or abandoned domestic rabbits. Now buying local gives you something else to feel good about!
We welcome the entire cast of characters to 100 Mile Finds with the hopes that they all find good homes soon.

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