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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Susan & Shirley's excellent adventures - Spring 2011 - part 2

The Love Local Show! We were invited to participate in the Love Local Show put on by Jen and Suzie at Foxy Originals! Boy did we learn a thing or two, these girls are real go getters. Not a stone was left unturned as far as making the most out of marketing and media opportunities. They hand picked a select group of local designers. The venue was the Holcim room at the Evergreen/Brickworks, a great open space with guaranteed traffic from the Farmers' Market. A ton of people went through the space during the day even though we faced rain of biblical proportions in the morning. The girl at Luved Clothing made a killing selling her fantastic jackets, I think every vendor bought one, we were freezing to death! We were able to collect a whole bunch of email addresses to add to our newsletter subscription list, which was fantastic.

One of the amazing vendors while we were there.

Kaia Naturals was one of the vendors. Mary has created these amazing bamboo facial cleansing cloths. I've been using them for the last few weeks and LOVE them! I have to admit I'm one of those woman who means to take her make-up off before she's goes to bed every night, but I'm so damn tired I often forget. Mary suggested I leave the handy dandy case by my bed! I literally take my make-up off, clean my face and tone it with no sink or mess! I think it's a great product to introduce girls to, it's natural and easy!

Next I'll tell you about our adventures at the Arts Market at the Evergreen/Brickworks.

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