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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pass it on

Positioning Statement:

Pass it On is for those who see the benefits of having restored, reclaimed, recycled, and renewed, items by giving old things a new purpose.


Pass it On was created from Keira Morgan's love for upcycling (UPCYCLING-To give something at its current state a whole new purpose) Her first project came from turning a WWF bed sheet into a cute summer dress. She started Handsome&Lace after falling head over heels in love with neckties 6 years later in 2007. Handsome&Lace started as a womens accessorie line made from neckties and from there turned into Toronto's Neck Tie Reformatory. She was taught to hand stitch from Holt Renfrew hairband makers, and often made them herself from start to finish for large orders. In 2010 she persuaded the Government to grant her the TBDC grant for small business start-up . Every time she had to present her business plan to the panel they would say "It's your passion that will take you far" Sometimes you can live day to day and never know what potential you have until it amazes someone.

What is Pass it On?:

Here will you find select artisans work available for purchase online, who have been perfecting their skills through passion, very hard work and dedication. You won't ever buy anything from Pass it On that doesn't have blood, sweat and tears put into it. Each piece we carry is unique, one of a kind, and made to the very highest of standards from chalkboards, jewelry boxes, furniture, hairbands and neckties and so much more! If we don't have something you really hope for, we will find a way to make it for you through custom request!

The reason for Pass it On is really to rethink the way we purchase. This is more of a project than a market by encouraging artisans to use what precious materials we already have, and by motivating shoppers to buy eco-friendly. If we have a collective place to unite these two sides of the market then we can ALL benefit! Who would have ever though shopping would save the world?!


The mission is to have a physical location in Toronto to start, and then open a location in every major city in Ontario with every year that passes encouraging others to join in. It will be a modern barn style atmosphere with tons of light and lots of crafters uniting to create something for everyone. A place to come in and look, be inspired, create, or support a cause that could provide income for locals! Pass it on wants to gain the attention of media, newspapers, schools, craft blogs, and David Suzuki and anyone else who can get involved. Let's support each other in this momentous idea that can bring us some peace with the environment-Kind of a kiss on the cheek to our Mother Nature.

~You can't change the past but you can give it a new purpose~

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