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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Susan and Shirley's excellent adventures - Spring 2011 - part 1

We've been busy lately. Susan and I are all about getting the 100 mile finds name out there. It's our mission for the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2011! We're sending out newsletters, and press releases. We're on facebook and Twitter and we're blogging here, there and everywhere. We're entering contests and pinning on Pinterest! We are participating in Craft Shows...

Did you know that "they" say that of all the people you reach about a project, say 100 mile finds, only 4% of those people will actually act on the information! OMG! I'm gonna have to keep this short and sweet, we've got a whole lotta people to reach!

Thank God what we're doing is so much fun! Okay not the packing and unpacking part of the craft shows but most of the rest of it is pretty fun.

At the end of last month we participated in the Brocante Lux show in St. Catharines. It was an awful day, cold and wet and not a whole lot of people showed up but we met a ton of great vendors, some already on the site, Details by Donna, Jules Mae and The Feathers Sisters and some new ones, welcome aboard Silks by Jane. It was a really cool event. They had music and dancing, stuff for the kids to do, the fun never stopped. Brocante Lux will be hosting it's final show at Southbrook Vineyards on July 30th. I bet it will be a blast. Best of luck to both Jules Mae and Erin Snow in all their future endeavours.

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