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Friday, November 12, 2010

Nun of a Kind

Shirley and I laughed when we first met the sisters. Handmade, collectible nun dolls, and personalized nun figures and ornaments from Nun of a Kind. Now that is an original idea!

"I am Canadi-nun” is proud of her heritage, and carries her flag to prove it! She is a great gift for native “Canadian” sisters, no matter where they may live now! Once a Canadian “sister”, always a Canadian “sister”….eh? Patriotic and local - truly a 100 Mile Find. The “Nun of a Kind” Collection celebrates the “Sister” in all of us, and is meant as gifts for all of the “sisters” in your life! All the sisters have their own identity ensuring you find one to fit the personality of the recipient.

Proprietor Linda West is in a sea of black and white (and puns all over) right now prepping for the gift giving season. Check these out - they will make you smile.

1 comment:

  1. Linda's collection of Sisters is brilliant. I have given several as gifts and they were a huge hit!