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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fresh local strawberries!!

OMG! Is this what strawberries are supposed to taste like?!?!?!?! Local strawberries are here, enjoy!

If you really want to treat yourself, go to Delight and try some of their Ontario Strawberry Ice Cream! Check out their new summer hours and don't forget that they have a new location on Queen St. W. AND a little bird told me that they are planning to open a cheese shop next door to their Dundas St. location! Can't wait for that!!

Through Delights newsletter ( and you know how I love my newsletters!!) I've been re- introduced to LFP Local Food Plus. A really cool organization.  Go to their website at and check it out. I've taken the Pledge! I have pledged shift $10 a week to buying Certified Local Sustainable food. I will vote with my dollars! It's an amazing resource for buying local! There are a whole whack of 100 mile finds vendors on the list and a bunch more that we will try and get on the site!

If you're heading outside, it's probably best not to stand under a lone tree!
Have a great day!

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