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Thursday, June 17, 2010

100 mile finds welcomes Suzie Saxx!

Rant alert!

I've got a bit of an issue with the whole semi-disposable bag phenomenon! Is it really helping the environment to have these crazy "semi" disposable bags? At least the plastic bags can be used to line your garbage cans, that's reusing, isn't it?
Don't get me wrong I am all about reducing the size of landfills. But if these "new" bags only have a short life, are we really doing something about the problem? or we just making it worse? We need to start or rather go back, and create products that last, that can be reused. It not only saves us money but it saves our planet. Who's kidding who, I want to do both!
I just don't get this whole semi disposable thing? For starters I never have the damn bags when I need them! So out of guilt I buy more and now we must have 30 of them, in various strategically thought out locations throughout the house and in our cars! Now that I don't use plastic grocery bags very often I need something to line my garbage cans, am I supposed to now buy bags, that seems counter productive, doesn't it?

Now every time you go to a function, buy something substantial, you get one of these bags with a company logo. Great, right? Wrong! My daughter had misplaced her final lunch bag of the 2010 school year, (I absolutely refuse to buy another lunch bag, freezer pack or juice container in June!)that's a whole other rant!! So I used one of these "bags" it didn't even make it through one lunch! That is just nutty! Nutty, I say!

Why can't we just create a decent quality bag, at a decent price and use that?

We Can! Well, we all can't, but Suzie Saxx can! Instead of producing the 1-2 oz bags that you get in local stores, Suzy's bags are 10-12 oz, that's allot more ounces! The bags are 100% cotton, so they don't stretch or tear and they wash really well! And they are made in Ontario! Yeah! They aren't cheap, ranging from $25-$40 I think they are worth every penny!

You can even have your own design on a bag! I've been looking, and looking, and looking for a new "book bag" for by nine year old, the Micheal Bag with her own design might just be the ticket!

You can find Suzie Saxx on 100 mile finds and then link directly to her site for more options! I think I'm going to get one for my mother in law. The perfect birthday gift, filled with some other goodies she loves!

Have a great day, it is absolutely perfect out there!!

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