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Monday, June 7, 2010

Cake beauty

A few weeks ago I had breakfast with my friend Sonia, we try and get together every few months to trade war stories. Sonia should have her own blog called "Ask Sonia". She is an outstanding cook, she sews, she knits, and boy does she shop!!! It's a sport with her, at the very least a hobby! If I ever have a cooking question she's my 'go to' girl. Between her and my husband, they can pretty much answer any question. Well Miss Sonia pulls out the satin sugar all purpose treatment balm from Cake Beauty and says I have to try it! 

We've known about Cake Beauty for awhile. Well, their balm is amazing! I've got to get some for myself, when I get home there is a newsletter from Cake Beauty and they were having a Friends and Family sale!!!! 40% off, how great is that!?
I ended up ordering  the milk made body frothing bath & shower cream, it's new and it is fantastic! You smell so sweet when you get out of the shower. All the girls here LOVE IT! I also bought the milk made body smoothing white sugar scrub, you use it after the bath and shower cream, it feels so indulgent. A girl friend of mine has a birthday coming up and I bought her the scrub. I can't wait to give it to her.
Then the girls and I were in Chapters and guess who is carrying Cake Beauty?!!? Yeah! We got chatting with one of the sales woman about it and when I told her it was manufactured locally she was thrilled. People want to buy local, they just don't know how easy it is!
Get out there and buy local. Put on a sweater  though, it's still a little cool out there!

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