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Friday, February 26, 2010

Recipe for Change-Foodshare

Last night Susan and I went to this amazing event hosted by Foodshare called Recipe for Change. It was fantastic! Gathered in their warehouse (across the street from Dufferin Mall) were an amazing assortment of chefs and gastronomes (their words not mine!)

You walked in, checked your coat, it was a blustery evening last night, to say the least! You then picked up a wine glass and a fork, spoon and napkin. You kept these all evening in an effort to save the enviroment, nice touch I thought.
Then you headed off to the main room. It was unbelievable! It was beautifully lite with fantastic huge photographs that really captured the essense of what Foodshare is trying to do! We then went from station to station of fabulous food and drink options. I don't even know where to start. There wasn't a dud in the bunch. Here just a few examples of the offerings.

Cheese Boutique/Bernardin were having a blast, they had this amazing Ontario cheese fig jam concoction in a dixie cup! It was to die for!

Ryan Gustafson and David Garcelon from the Fairmont Royal York served this mushroom chowder with cream and grains and froth OMG, it was fantastic!

Fabio from the Local Kitchen dished out a moon shaped pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese, beets and mint (I know who would have thought!) and toasted breadcrumbs. I thought I hated beets until last night! I LOVE beets!

The empanadas from Torito were delicious! Gracious amigos!

There where shucked oysters from Oyster Boy! Adam  was so friendly and informative.

The Framboise from Southbrook Vineyards, beautiful!

I tried the coffee beer from Mill St. brewery, loved it!

The Chardonnay from Lailey, gorgeous!

Henry of Pelham's Cuvee Catherine Brut started my evening off beautifully.

Job well done! I was amazed to hear that this was the first year for the event. Everything seemed to go off without a hitch! Congratulations to all those involved. I can't wait for next year!

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