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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Big News in the local Cheese World!

I gotta say I was a late adopter to Facebook. I swore I'd never join, I joined kicking and screaming and I always say I'd have never joined unless it was for the good of 100 mile finds. Having said all that, I love Facebook. It is a great way to get in touch with past acquaintances, and what a great tool for small businesses, and big ones too!
I'm a "friend" of Gurth Pretty's of Cheese lovers of Canada and he sent out an announcement today!

Great news everyone, Upper Canada Cheese in Jordan Station has finally realeased their new curds made from Guernsey cow's milk! He's got some at the Regional 'N' Artisanal Food Market at the CBC (250 Front St. W. T.O.)
Other cheese news! There was a great article in the Toronto Star! I heard about it on Facebook too! Check it out, it makes for great dinner conversation, Ontario farmers embrace water buffalo by Jenniver Bain
Have a great day!

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