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Monday, January 25, 2010

Pabrika at 100 mile finds

Engineer by day, pillow and jewelery designer by night! Cheryl Mendoza is the Toronto artist that creates the Pabrika Handmade line of pillows and jewellery. She has some amazing stuff to offer.

This can be your own little blue box from Tiffany's. You have to check out Cheryl's blog, if I could figure out how to follow it, I would!

This is Cheryl's 'Bird on a Wire' pillow, a big hit of hers.

And now my personal favorite! Her instant messenger pillows! They are soooo much fun! With a 9 year old, an 11 year old and a home office I won't be able to explain 'wtf', but maybe I could throw 'ttyl' at them when I'm trying to get some work done!

Cheryl also makes beautiful jewelery! Here is but one example

The Kathryn Necklace

This is truly a fun necklace, with five magenta Swarovski crystal beads (measuring 6mm) free to move about within the wrapped wire ball pendant. The materials are nickel-free silver plated, and the chain measures about 20". Beautiful!

Have a great day in TO! It's raining something fierce out there. I'm going to and see if I can find anything to fend off this terrible weather...

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