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Friday, January 15, 2010

Delight, Soma chocolatemakers, Cocoa Mosaic

Ahhhh, chocolate! Nothing says 'I love you' like a big box of chocolates.

Delight is this amazing little chocolate store/cafe in the Junction. Their chocolate selection is off-beat, and fantastic! I recommend that you take a trip to Delight, once you are there you really should enjoy a coffee, and then it's only proper to test some chocolates. It's just so you know that your loved one will like them. It's really all about them and how much you love them!

Soma chocolatemaker is our Chocolate maker of choice in the Distillery District. They promise that there are secret experiments underway for Valentine's Day, but don't tell anyone! Not only can you enjoy some great coffee or hot chocolate but you can tour their micro-chocolate factory! Nibble on some Italian cookies while you think loving thoughts about those you love!

Cocoa Mosaic is an on-line retailer from Toronto that specializes in beautiful handmade chocolates and confections. They are offering a beautiful Valentines box of chocolates. It is 8 pieces of heart shaped truffles that are handmade and decroated with vibrant colours. They are filled with raspberry dark chocolate, vanilla bean, and semisweet chocolate. They are in a simmery ivory box and embellished with a hand tied sheer ribbon! Are you thinking perfect gift? Me too!

OMG! This is torture! I gotta go!
I feel like singing "Love is all around"! I'm giddy from all this chocolate talk!
Have a great day,

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