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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mary K Jewels - shamballa bracelets

One of the many things that I love about 100 mile finds is all the things I learn from being introduced to the vendors on the site. MaryK Jewels has introduced me to the Shamballa bracelet. 
MaryK has a passion for fashion jewellery. "I love to create one of a kind jewellery, from all types of beads such as glass beads, semi-precious beads and also swarsovski beads."
When one visits the MaryK  Jewels Etsy site  you are introduced to a great selection of Shamballa bracelets. I will focus on the Shamballa bracelet and it's history but you should now there are also some beautiful rings and necklaces available for sale too.
The Shamballa bracelet is quite trendy right now and has a fascinating history to it.  The Shamballa bracelet is a style of bracelet based on the traditional Catholic rosary beads used to assist in meditation. Real Shamballa bracelets are made with beads of the same name which are threaded or knotted onto a cord by macrame knots that are then pulled close to fit. 
Shamballa beads are made of anything from crystals, wood or clay to genuine diamonds and intricately carved bone, even plastic. 
The color of the beads of the bracelet is very important. Based on the idea that the 7 different parts or Chakras of the body are affected by different colors. Black or clear bracelets would bring clarity and purity to the wearer, where red would assist in the feeling of security, reality, stability and support. An orange bracelet would help balance creativity, release stress...
MaryK also hold fashion parties, book a party and earn a complimentary gift.

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