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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More (Purple) Finds........

Earlier this week we highlighted some of the work by two of our talented artisans, and I wanted to bring to your attention a couple more.

For some reason purple is my new favourite colour. Not sure why we gravitate to certain colours at different times of our lives - if anyone has any answer to that question, let me know. I.M. Wyred has created this contemporary gun metal necklace with purple agate. I thought of painting our front hall purple, but this would suit my latest fixation better.

And there is another wee trinket that I have been eying. Michelle Prosek Glass' purple OM pendant. These little darlings are made from kiln-formed recycled glass and feature a sterling silver bail and 18" sterling silver chain.

Maybe this hand dyed silk scarf by Silk Designs by Jane best fits the bill - runs the gamut from mauve to violet. But I would hate to have to pick........
Thanks to all for their take on 'The Colour Purple'. Isn't there something else that goes by that handle?

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