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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bunny Charm Necklace by aTana Designs

Looking for a different Easter treat this year? Instead of (or in addition too) buying Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies that will only temporarily satisfy your taste buds, why don’t you consider supporting the well-being of REAL bunnies? Just in time for Easter, aTana Designs has created a sweet little silver Bunny Charm Necklace in which all profits will be donated to Rabbit Rescue. This charm is hand crafted out of Fine Silver from Precious Metal Clay, and it comes ready to wear on a silver plated chain!  
My love of bunnies originated in high school when I got my first rabbit, Velvet, and realized how intelligent, curious, and sweet these furry friends are. I now have Audrey who is almost seven years old, and she is so affectionate and has quite the personality!
People don’t often realize that the irresistibly cute bunnies found in many pet stores grow up and become a lifelong commitment and this is one of the unfortunate reasons why “Rabbit Rescue” was founded. “Rabbit Rescue” is a registered charity that has been dedicated to helping domestic unwanted rabbits since 2001. Rabbit Rescue was the first rabbit charity in Ontario, and it is now the largest rabbit rescue in Canada. What makes this charity stand out is that it is a NO KILL shelter and they offer medical care and they spay/neuter all of their rabbits. As you can guess, veterinary care doesn’t come cheap and this is why it is so important to help out this worthy charity. With the money raised from this necklace, that sells for $35, I intend to sponsor bunnies through Rabbit Rescue and you can check out my Facebook page for updates and to see the furry friends you are helping to support. Please consider purchasing this Bunny Charm Necklace or visit Rabbit Rescue to donate directly.

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