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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why We Like January

Just got back from walking the dog in the park and it is sunny and not as cold as the weekend. Perhaps this has me in an optimistic frame of mind, so today is the day to appreciate a winter month that some of us (OK, sometimes me) wishes away. Here's my list to laud January:

1) Resolutions are still fresh and, even if broken, are still salvageable
2) VISA bills are paid and hopefully are on a downward trend after December
3) Having a fire on a cold night and sitting on the couch watching a movie is de rigeur
4) Shinny, skiing, snow shoeing and all the other 's' winter activities ... are fun ;)
5) There are only 5 months 'til the longest day of the year

Winter months can be long and dark - which is probably why spring is so amazing. If you can think of any other 'what's to love about January' ideas, post them here. I will keep them in the bank 'til next year.

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