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Monday, January 30, 2012

Cash Mobs

Whenever we here of another way to support the local movement, we get a little bit excited here at 100 Mile Finds. I have seen a bit of press lately about the 'Cash Mob'. These are events orchestrated via social media during which a crowd descends upon a local business armed with $20 bills. I can' t imagine how amazing that must feel for the business owner. Not only do sales for the day triple at some businesses, but it must feel great to have that reinforcement that your efforts matter to the community. I mean, isn't that what most of us want?
Anyway, if you are interested in more info, here's an article about some US Cash Mob activity in the Wall Street Journal. I am pretty sure there was an article in the Globe and Mail recently but I can't find it online. If you are looking for a 'How-To', here's some suggested guidelines. Let us know if you hear any more about local cash mob activity - we would like to get the word out. After all, it's a very 100 mile thing to-do.

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