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Monday, January 31, 2011

So if it's chocolate you're after......

Check out some of the incredible local chocolate makers we have close by.

COCO - crafted organic chocolates, is a new on-line chocolate retailer. Deborah Torr opened her proverbial doors just before Christmas with some amazing offerings! She knows Santa personally, I'm not exactly sure what the connection is, but they worked together making hollow chocolate Santa's with a note from the man himself inside! To say that they were 'sinfully delicious chocolates' is an understatement!

For Valentine's Day Deborah is offering a Lattice Chocolate Box filled w/hugs & kisses truffles. She is also offering a 'For the Love of School' pack: 20 bags of milk chocolate Valentines shapes plus a heart lolly for the Teacher! It would be great for the team at work too! Deborah's got Heart Bark and Heart Lolly's in milk and dark chocolate too! The candied orange peels are kissed with dark chocolate! ahhhh!

Soma makes truffles, baicoli, tozetti, baci d'alassio and so much more.
Soma has a permanent collection of bars, and also make microbatch bars. They have a fabulous selection of 'elixirs'.
There is the collection of chocolate tumbled nuts, fruits, seeds & beans...
Delight combines whimsy and decadence along with a creative attention to detail, not to mention a flair for the finest tastes and textures. Their fabulous chocolate is coupled with the decision to support a sustainable form of agriculture as well as the farmers who manage it.   Valentine's boxes of chocolates – extra-dark, vanilla rose, hot 'n' spicy, coffee caramel; dark chocolate hearts with chocolate drizzle; ice wine truffles.
I can't say I have tested all the products on 100 Mile Finds, there are just too many.  I can vouch for these ones though! There is nothing quite like freshly made quality chocolate.  Think local, independent and artisanal  this Valentines Day.  And let us know about your favourite chocolateur - there's always room for more.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sharon Dawn

We have several new vendors to introduce you to this month.  Sharon Dawn is Toronto based & features one-of-a-kind & limited edition designs using various techniques and materials. Sharon creates jewellery, accessories, home decor & clothing.  On occasion Sharon likes to use recycled materials such as vintage textiles, buttons, zippers or antique pendants if they suit a particular design.

And since Valentines day is coming, what better gift than this 'Charmed with Love' Bracelet.  Swarovski crystal and copper crystal cut glass beads - and lots of LUV.

 And if February is more about the cold than Valentines day for you, Sharon has this gorgeous hand knit boucle scarf.
Welcome to 100 Mile Finds Sharon!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sweet times are coming

Valentines day is a sweet time.  We have several vendors at 100 Mile Finds that create sweet things for your sweetheart.  Jinja Ninja is one of them.
After spending 22 years as an architect/interior designer in the corporate world, Beverly Horii has taken the plunge and has launched Jinja Ninja, a designer, custom cookie company. The name started as an ongoing family joke when Bev baked gingerbread cookies for her martial arts group. Armed with a killer gingerbread recipe and lots of gumption, the Jinja Ninja company took everyone by storm with the invention of the “mookie” (message cookie).
Her Sweethearts mookie is a perfect gift to share with the special people in your life.

Beverly has lots of designs to choose from:
I choo-choo-choose you;  Lovebirds; The Big Heart; Bunny Love;  Hearts; XOXO;  Sweetheart; and Happy Valentines.  Add custom names to some designs - just don't mix them up if you are sending more than one!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Great Mush-Uke Ukulele @ 100 mile finds

This is the kind of vendor we live for at 100 mile finds. Ross's website boosts that the mush-uke's are "Forged in a tiny hut buried deep in the heart of Central Toronto" Love it!
They are each unique and a little different as each is separately handmade. They are numbered and signed. There is talk of frets and echo stems, mushroom cover caps and resonator cones, and Piezo element! Clearly I'm not musical, but it all sounds fantastic!
The Great Canadian Mush-Uke is an iron necked 17" scale resophonic Ukulele format guitar. It sounds great, is fun to play and is built to last. Amazingly affordable, unique resophonic four string guitar, hand spun aluminum cone, adjustable iron bridge with biscuit. Turned Spruce coverplate with a hollow wood stem. Can come with a 1/4" jack and Piezo element for amp / recording hook up.

Here's the You Tube link:

Ross sold-out at Christmas this year and "...during the re-stock process I have tinkered a bit with the neck design and made it faster and more tapered at the top..." If you are a Ukulele enthusiast or eclectic musician, his your guy!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Buying Local Produce - What is a CSA?

If you are interested in buying local fruits and vegetables it isn't all that easy to get them from the big, convenient grocery stores! If you want that to happen, we have to keep hounding the produce managers, that's a whole different blog though... Until that happens, here are some options...

Click here for a list of year round farmers' markets that are available in the Toronto area.  Convenient isn't always the best way to describe farmers' markets though, is it?  Don't get me wrong, I am a lover of the farmers' markets, really I am. But when you are trying to squeeze picking up the groceries in between tap class and a play date, with list of chores the length of your arm, and the fantasy of a late afternoon nap, it's not always realistic.

There has to be other options, right? What about local or home delivery? right from the farm? It's true it's available and right here in Ontario. Each farm or collective has different options, here's a couple on 100 mile finds.

This is where "What's a CSA?" comes in. A CSA is not a Food Box delivery service, although it can be, and Food Box delivery service isn't necessarily a CSA either. Confused? read on...

"Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is a system that connects you the consumer directly to fresh, locally grown, organic food in your area.  In a CSA, farmers grow food for a predetermined group of consumers who pay an annual fee to purchase their share of the harvest. This allows you to claim back a connection to the production of your food. Knowing it is grown within your community rather than traveling thousands of kilometers. CSA's are locally sustainable and are shared risk agriculture" Strattons Farm blog - there is no way I could explain it better than that, visit their blog, it's fantastic!
Strattons Farm offer a CSA program where you can pick up your share, at their farm in Stirling, ON.

plan B Organic Farm is another option. They also have a CSA program in place, with a bit of a twist though. They are a multi-farm CSA. They source from 12 farms in Southern Ontario. As with most CSA's and delivery services they offer a variety of box sizes and the potential for some imported products. They also offer delivery to different depots in the Hamilton and Toronto area AND home delivery in the a few select areas.

Mama Earth Organics is a local food delivery service, not a CSA, they call themselves "Toronto's Local Food Movement", get it?! "The goal was (and still is) to provide a service where local farms are given priority and customers are able to access the freshest organic items available, at a fair price." They let you customize your entire basket (for a small fee), they have "never sends" (up to 5 items), you can skip a week (you have to give them notice), you can add to your order, they also offer a 'standing order'! has an amazing website where you can access many (not sure if all are listed)  local CSA's. You key in your postal code and a radius and Voila!
Another good site is , it's got a "find a farm" option.

I really tried to find a guide for local produce delivery, I'm still looking...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rocket Jewellery at 100 mile finds

Jill Finney is a self taught jewellery designer. She lives in the west end of Toronto. She began designing jewellery at home with her three kids and some store bought beads. Rocket Jewellery is a collection of handmade, unique designs that are made with the highest quality materials, including semi precious stones, sterling silver, chain, wire, glass, wood and pearls. Her work is composed, confident, artistic and unique.
"I design jewellery that reflects my own personal style. Because I believe personal style is constantly evolving, my designs are quite varied." 
"I love jewellery when it is both beautiful and captivating but also quietly distinct or offbeat. I am inclined to use unique and unconventional materials, interesting mixes of color, or unexpected proportions."

“I believe the choices we make with respect to our clothes, jewellery and accessories reflect an image that defines how we are perceived. Our feelings about ourselves can literally be worn on the outside, helping people to know the person on the inside. Be who you want to be. And love that person with all your heart."“

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Junckshop at 100 mile finds

Funky • Fun • Fabulous!

Tammy of Junckshop is all about creating new objects from old items, more specifically recycled credit/gift cards. Never have the words "one man's trash is another man's treasure" rung so true.
A graphic designer/illustrator by trade clearly this girl's got talent, she writes poetry too.

Junckshop is collection of necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, hair bands, cellphone charms and hair barrettes.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Designs By Sari Lynne Jewellery

There are many jewellery artists on 100 Mile Finds, each with their own signature style. The creativity is amazing and it's so much fun for us to be a part in helping to share their talent with others.
Designs By Sari Lynne Jewellery features handmade jewellery made from semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, wire, beads and more. Why look at your 'phone to see if you are on time? This Pearlescent Shell Watch gives us so much more pleasure.
Custom orders are welcome. "I can make something to your specifications and work with you to create something beautiful! Just let me know colour, material preference, measurements, budget, and any other pertinent details and I will make something for you". That sounds like fun.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


We have mentioned Megan from Magz-Bagz before, but I couldn't resist spreading the word about these new lunch/snack bags.  Just think, you can make that resolution about eating healthier and saving some money just  by bringing your own in something way better than a brown bag. The bags are insulated, the fabric is phthalate free laminated cotton.  Wipe clean with a wet cloth.
Megan's fabric choices are mood lifting - for those days in February when we all need a little light and the resolutions are feeling a little shaky.