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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rocket Jewellery at 100 mile finds

Jill Finney is a self taught jewellery designer. She lives in the west end of Toronto. She began designing jewellery at home with her three kids and some store bought beads. Rocket Jewellery is a collection of handmade, unique designs that are made with the highest quality materials, including semi precious stones, sterling silver, chain, wire, glass, wood and pearls. Her work is composed, confident, artistic and unique.
"I design jewellery that reflects my own personal style. Because I believe personal style is constantly evolving, my designs are quite varied." 
"I love jewellery when it is both beautiful and captivating but also quietly distinct or offbeat. I am inclined to use unique and unconventional materials, interesting mixes of color, or unexpected proportions."

“I believe the choices we make with respect to our clothes, jewellery and accessories reflect an image that defines how we are perceived. Our feelings about ourselves can literally be worn on the outside, helping people to know the person on the inside. Be who you want to be. And love that person with all your heart."“

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