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Monday, January 24, 2011

Sweet times are coming

Valentines day is a sweet time.  We have several vendors at 100 Mile Finds that create sweet things for your sweetheart.  Jinja Ninja is one of them.
After spending 22 years as an architect/interior designer in the corporate world, Beverly Horii has taken the plunge and has launched Jinja Ninja, a designer, custom cookie company. The name started as an ongoing family joke when Bev baked gingerbread cookies for her martial arts group. Armed with a killer gingerbread recipe and lots of gumption, the Jinja Ninja company took everyone by storm with the invention of the “mookie” (message cookie).
Her Sweethearts mookie is a perfect gift to share with the special people in your life.

Beverly has lots of designs to choose from:
I choo-choo-choose you;  Lovebirds; The Big Heart; Bunny Love;  Hearts; XOXO;  Sweetheart; and Happy Valentines.  Add custom names to some designs - just don't mix them up if you are sending more than one!

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