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Friday, November 11, 2011

23 degrees roastery

There's a new roastery in town and I'm checking it out! As a part of the Borden Team Influencers Program. I'm occasionally called upon to check out a new product on the market. Since my focus is local, as well as being a coffee lover, and of course having a social conscience, checking out a new, local, fair trade roastery seemed like the perfect match!

First maybe I should address how the heck a coffee company can call itself local!? Clearly it can't have been locally grown. If part of what factors into your purchasing decisions is supporting your local economy then supporting brand of coffee that is roasted locally and owned by local residents is better than something that is roasted in a far away land, and owned by a big conglomerate.

If you make your purchasing decisions with a social conscience, and I try to, then whether or not the coffee is "fair trade" will factor into your decision making process too! So far so good!

But who's kidding who! We're talking about coffee, if it doesn't taste good I don't care where it's from, who roasted it or who harvested it and under what conditions.The most important thing to me about a cup of coffee is how it tastes, okay, and how it smells! I didn't realize how much a part of the experience the smell of coffee was until I started to talk about this coffee! Man, it really smells good!

My day starts with a cup of coffee, or it just doesn't start. My kids learned very young that Mommy needed her coffee or it wasn't going to be pretty. I don't drink a ton of coffee, but that first cup is a real morning ritual for me. Occasionally I will have a second coffee mid morning and sometimes, on a particularly rough day, a mid afternoon decaf can really turn my day around! Sad but true! You what, all this talk about coffee, I'm gonna go and make myself a cup of 23 degrees 1/2 decaf, 1/2 morning star!
I'll be back in a bit...

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