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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

23 degrees roastery coffee part 2

As you may have heard, as a member of the Borden Team Influencers Program, I have had the pleasure of tasting/testing two different flavours of a new locally roasted coffee by 23 degrees roastery. I chose DECLAWED a medium/dark blend decaffeinated coffee and MORNING STAR a light/medium coffee. This way I can enjoy one fully caffeinated coffee first thing, possibly a combo mid-morning and straight decaf later in the day if I just need the experience and not the caffiene!

I'm the type of girl who HAS to have her morning coffee, or it ain't pretty! About a year ago my husband and I bought a Nespresso maker. My husband is strictly an espresso drinker and I've been enjoying Americano's every morning and more than the occasional Latte. It was all good, UNTIL I started testing the 23 degrees roastery coffee! Nothing beats grinding your own beans and having that smell waft through the kitchen. I didn't know I missed the aroma until I was reintroduced to it! Now I'm looking for my own coffee maker that grinds the coffee and then brews it all in one step! Between all our various coffee/espresso making options there isn't going to be any room left on our counter top! So be it! This is a sacrifice I am prepared to make!

You've got to check out the 23 degrees roastery website, it is full of fascinating information about the coffee bean in all it's glory! I've learned a lot about Fair Trade coffee and a whole lot more and whoever wrote the text is pretty funny!  If you are looking for some new dinner time or cocktail party fodder, this might be the ticket!
For me the most important information is, one, what the packages look like, it's got to be easy to spot! and, two, where the heck it can be found! They are available at specialty stores all over Toronto, way too many to mention them all here! A couple of my personal favorites are Healthy Butcher, Max's Market and Cheese Boutique!  I gotta go and figure out exactly which coffee maker I should get to maximize my new coffee drinking experience!

LAST MINUTE UPDATE! Seems like I'm not the only one that loves 23 Degrees Roastery coffee! I've just heard that they are expanding the Roastery to double the space are getting a larger roaster put in! I love a local success story! Congrats!

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