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Sunday, May 15, 2011

A zine? A zine! - What's a zine?

In the 1930s, fans of science fiction magazines shared comments, reviews and their own amateur science fiction stories by creating “fanzines”. These hand-drafted texts (which often included artwork and illustrations) where labour intensive and self-published with limited circulation.

When the punk movement arrived in the 1970s (along with the photocopier) zine culture opened up to a broader audience and a diverse range of topics. Creating a zine was an inexpensive way of sharing ideas, opinions, poetry and artwork (and it still is!).

As internet use grew in the 1990s, many zinesters made the move from print media to online publishing via blogs and web sites etc. A quick internet search will result in a myriad of e-zines (“e” for electronic) to choose from.

If you would like to purchase a traditional zine—they too can be found online, at record stores, book stores and concerts (it is also common practice for zinesters to trade them). With topics as diverse as the people who create them, there truly is something for everyone.

Once you discover the world of self-publishing you may be inspired (as I was) to create your own zine. You can find how-to instructions online or in one of many books written on the topic.

Whether you check out some zines from your local zine library (yep! there are zine libraries!), purchase them from a local artist or create one of your own—you are sure to enjoy this creative, thought-provoking medium.

Tammy Gay is a graphic designer/illustrator by trade.
Tammy also creates new objects out of old visit her store on 100 mile finds Junckshop.
Tammy also writes a blog art with (repurpose) and she has an on-line store on Etsy.

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