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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The DP Collection

100 Mile Finds welcomes The DP Collection! The DP Collection "is a result of the efforts by a mother and daughter team who had an idea and developed it into a product line. The first edition is The Diva Planner, which is a creative, carefree, inspiring way to stay organized and on target, yet still have a light hearted, fun attitude while you are accomplishing your goals".

The planner and calendar are purchased separately. Simply select the colour of the planner you desire in addition to the calendar insert from each corresponding web page. Once you placed your order, all you will need to do is purchase a new calendar each year. You have the choice to use the original purchased planner, or select another new colour. Some women choose to select two planners, one colour for their spring/summer wardrobe and one for the fall/winter. Once you place your initial order you will receive a reminder when the new yearly calendar is available.

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