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Friday, April 15, 2011

JOS Originals

Jane Oakleaf Spanton is the Toronto artist behind JOS Originals  Jane has a BFA from York University and she has taken many art courses over the years, both privately and at The Toronto School of Art and George Brown College.
She has been painting with water colour and creating collages since 1989.

In 2003 Jane took up jewellery-making as a hobby and it quickly became an exciting new challenge. She approaches each design the way she approaches a new painting: colour choice, balance, depth and emotion all play a part. She likes to create pieces that the beholder really enjoys looking at- your eye continues to follow the lines of the necklace, not focusing on the front and centre.

Jane's work is truly 'sterling' - welcome to 100 Mile Finds JOS ORiginals!              

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