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Friday, December 10, 2010

Teachers gifts? What to get....

Jinja Ninja is a designer customer cookie company! Gotta love that! Beverly has invented the "mookie" aka message cookie.
A mookie is Jinja Ninja’s special creation for your special occasion. It’s a cookie with a message, and there’s a special piece for everyone. Celebrating a special someone, a festive day or a corporate milestone? Treat them to mookie!
They come in ginger and sugar cookies and can be made in ANY design with ANY message and ANY size. You can save 15% on all orders you make on or before December 10th (that's today!)
The mookies range from $3 to $55 and you can pick them up at Dovercourt and Dupont or have them delivered for a fee! Perfect gift for the teachers in your life!
Just in, they are at the Artisan Craft Show this Saturday at 20 Stanley Ave. in Toronto

Spa sisters is a luxury line of oh-so-pretty bath & body products. Talk about someone in your life who deserves some pampering!!  All you have to do is volunteer for one morning in the classroom and you realize that it ain't an easy job!! White Chocolate Mint Tub Truffles! Vanilla Fudge Scrub! Mini Bath Bombs in flavors like Bubble Gum & Key Lime, sure to make their holiday a little bit more relaxing.

Chocolates make another great gift for a teacher. Here are some of our favorites.

Delight  is dedicated to offering our customers an exclusive treat. Our style combines whimsy and decadence along with a creative attention to detail, not to mention a flair for the finest tastes and textures. Our fabulous chocolate is coupled with the decision to support a sustainable form of agriculture as well as the farmers who manage it; yum yum! They are in Junction and also have a second store on Queen W.

SOMA chocolatemaker makes truffles, baicoli, tozetti, baci d'alassio and so much more. Soma has a permanent collection of bars, and also make microbatch bars. They have a fabulous selection of 'elixirs'. There is the collection of chocolate tumbled nuts, fruits, seeds & beans... They are in the Distillery District, why not stop by while you enjoy the Lowe's Toronto Christmas Market?!

What about a gift certificate? Have you thought of organizing a bunch of families together and giving one big gift? I think if you make the suggestion, someone else should step up and organize it, don't you?! A book store, gift store or restaurant are some nice options.

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