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Monday, December 6, 2010

Lowe's Toronto Christmas Market

Friday night we, meaning the Fairley family, headed off to the Distillery District for their first, hopefully annual, Lowe's Toronto Christmas Market. My husband worked for a German company for years and is somewhat of an aficionado when it comes to Christmas Markets, so we went there with high expectations!

When we walked around the corner the first glimpse of the market is breathtaking! There are Christmas lights everywhere, there is a spectacular Christmas tree in the centre of the square, a photo op under a huge bunch of mistletoe and a Ferris wheel in the background. There are wooden huts that line the south side of the open area and are up and down the side streets too. They are inhabited by Christmas tree ornament makers, several food vendors and a few artisans. All the vendors were in great spirits, man, they must have been cold.

We got there at 7pm and all the restaurants had about 2 hour wait,  but many, if not all of them, had offerings of food and drinks outside. We had some fantastic stew, traditional pretzels (you can't go to the Christmas market and not have a pretzel!) and sweet potato fries, and, of course, a couple of beers, at the Mill St. Brew Pub.

I'm not sure I would suggest bringing your kids. In Europe the liquor laws are very different. There, you can stroll through the markets with your Gluwein in hand while  the kids explore the market, which gives it a much more family oriented vibe. Here you are religated to a Sadly there was no Gluwein to be found. Gluwein is a warm German red wine that is commonly served at these kind of festivities in Germany and France. There was mulled wines, and spiked coffees though.

Overall I think the market will be a great success. The "huts" started closing up shop around 8pm and the stores were open into the evening also. All in all I think visiting the Christmas Market at the Distillery District will become a Fairley Christmas tradition.

The Lowe's Toronto Christmas Market runs until December 12th.

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