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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Borden Communication and Design

We had an amazing conversation yesterday with Lisa Borden of Borden Communication and Design.  Lisa took the time out of her busy day to talk to us about 100 Mile Finds. As any small business owner knows, some second-guessing of your own vision is inevitable, so it was with great relief that Lisa opened with congratulations to us for taking on the role of champions for the small, local and cool folks we represent.
It was fabulous to hear a new perspective on the site from someone who was both objective and had a ton of knowledge about what we are trying to accomplish.  It seemed important to Lisa that her business, and the businesses she is helping to reach the next level, were meaningful and making positive contributions to the world.  Kudos to you Lisa for not losing sight of what energizes and excites you.  It is tempting to measure our business success just through the bottom line, so it was so nice to hear from someone with a broader vision.

We hope this is the 'beginning of a beautiful friendship' (Casablanca??), but thank Lisa again for taking the time, providing valuable insight, and for the vote of confidence.

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