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Friday, December 4, 2009

The One of a Kind show!!

What an amazing show! There are artisans from all over Canada that are so fantastic. Susan and I hit these shows in the hopes of finding new vendors for the site and now to meet some of the vendors on 100 mile finds. It is so rewarding to see that our vendors are among the elite that this city, this country has to offer!

We saw Meredith from Muffymade, congratulations to Meredith on her appearance in a Globe & Mail gift guide this week!

We met up with Wendy from WH Designs, I saw her paintings of kids maps and immediately thought, 'where have I seen these before? We've got to get this artist on the site!' Then I realized I'd seen her on 100milefinds! I can't wait to do a blog on great ideas for decorating kids rooms. Her maps are fantastic!

We tried to chat with Karyn from Tail Wags but everytime we came by she was so busy with customers we didn't want to disturb her! With all the talk about helmet safety in the news lately, I can imagine business is booming! What a great Holiday gift for the skiiers on your list!

I had to stop by Tamara Designs. She has a ring that I just love. Now it's just a matter of getting my husband to read the blog... It is so great getting to put a face to the names of the artisans we are featuring.

Urban Tree Salvage is a company that Susan and I have been aware of for ages. It was amazing to meet the folks there. One of the woman I was talking to, embaressingly, I didn't get her name, was so enthusiastic to be representing the company you couldn't help but get excited. You have to check these guys out. Their product is absolutely amazing, then to know that it is reclaimed trees from urban settings only makes it better!

Susan wins Trooper of the Year award! I had to bail on her, off to hostess a sleepover for my daughters 9th birthday. Don't tell anybody but as I blog, they decorate tiny, and I mean tiny gingerbread houses! Blissfully unaware that they are letting me work!! She dropped me at home and then headed back!
I love the OOAK show but it is exhausting! Note to self, next year, we're doing it over two days.

After I took off Susan was able to meet up with Glamjulz, organic/gold mustard, Himalayan Sauces (one of our very first vendors) Beta clothing, BBJ's and Fairthorne.

Now that we have gone live having customers respond to the site is almost sureal! It's like we had a baby and everybody is saying how cute it is!!

We are off to the Holiday Pop-up Shop tomorrow morning.  It's at the Burroughes Designer Department Store at 639 Queen St. W. Can't wait, there are a couple of vendors we are hoping to get on board.
Have a great weekend!

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