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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No rest for the wicked! On Saturday morning Susan and I headed off to a Pop-up Shop,  Love that name!! We saw some amazing vendors there!

Melanie from DaLish is an amazing woman we met who has created the 100 mile face! Gotta love that! She's not on board, yet, but I think it's just a matter of time. She has created and manufactures, locally, a cosmetics line. I bought it. I love it! You have to check it out!

Then we met the people from Bread & Butter Skincare This is a men skin care system that is created and manufactured locally! They are working on an aftershave product as we speak! Can't wait for that, well I can, but my better half can't wait! Check these guys out too! I'm thinking it's a great little gift for the man in your life!

We also chatted and chatted with Richard from Mercy Studio Once again, not on the site. YET! That's the key word here! Once they've got their magic pot holder in production we're good to go.

Here is a little chat about someone who is on the site.

Jordynn MacKenzie Jordynn uses a mix of new, hand-printed and reclaimed fabrics and creates these fantastic owls and wallets. I know weird combo when you say it, but ya' gotta see it! She also has these amazing patterns that you download for the sewer on your Xmas list.

Once again we are humbled by all the great artistry that is out there! Lots of behind the scenes stuff going on here too! Nothin' like a potential newsletter to keep ya' busy!

Here's big news! Someone blogged about us! and we don't even know them!!

Gotta go!

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