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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Harvest is Here

Have you had any local strawberries yet??  They taste SO good.  And that colour - you can only get it if they are picked ripe (therefore not shipped too far).  We have a tendency to go a little crazy with seasonal stuff in our house. I think the kids were sort of glad when the asparagus season ended, although I still fondly miss it.  We never get enough strawberries though.  I like them as part of a savoury salad as well as for dessert, and breakfast.   However you enjoy them, go grab some today and enjoy, cuz they won't last long.

Just FYI here are a couple of good sites to find all the locally grown food you could want this Harvest Ontario is the largest and most comprehensive source for local including on-farm markets, pick-your-own, farmers' markets, farmgate honey producers, local meats, wineries, craft breweries, fairs and much more. 
growing season. 
And Pick your has an at-a-glance page to find local farms to visit and harvest yourself for lots of fresh things (including strawberries).

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