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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Skin

We all know to be cautious in the sun.  One of my kids actually got a sunburn last year (don't call CAS) and was beside themselves with 'the pain'.  Kind of amazing you can get to the ripe old age of 11 without feeling this sensation, but I digress.
We have several makers of natural and organic skin tonics here at 100 Mile Finds, and I wanted to take this moment to remind you of them.  From pre-natal and natal Belly Buttons and Babies makes gentle care for the youngest skin.  Beaulance Natural Skin Care has a wide range of products that are free of parabens, perfumes, dyes, alcohol and all synthetic ingredients that may be harmful and damaging.  Try one of Soap Utopia Naturals all natural lip balms after a day at the beach.  And Clinical Luxury by Nature washes away that summer heat, while Batty's Bath naturally cleanses your hair.  We were just thinking  you might want to treat your largest organ to something local and refreshing.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Five Beads

New 100 Mile Finds vendor Five Beads uses more than 5 to create their lovely beaded jewellery.  It's a family affair - a little bit like the Von Traps with wire and sparkles.  "We come from a creative family of painters, sewers, knitters and musicians. In spite of, and maybe even because of our decidedly uncreative day jobs we enjoy creating in our spare time."

We love to support any and all creativity.  I think having that creative outlet makes many of us feel lots happier.
I am feeling pretty happy just looking at this silver beaded bracelet.  And it is just a possibility that a stack of these guys might make me even happier!
Welcome to 100 Mile Finds Five Beads.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's off to Market we Go!

As the growing season progresses it's fun to see the changing produce at the market.  I practically have a rash from eating loads of strawberries at this point.  We know that we have mentioned a few of our favourites in this space before, but indulge us as we give Evergreen just one more plug.  Going to Evergreen is an outing as much as a shopping experience.  Try to budget some extra time to explore the trails and enjoy the ambiance with a fresh cup of coffee.  This weekend is National Aboriginal History Month Celebration (Saturday, June 23, 2012, 8am–1pm).  Join us for a drumming dance and a smudge ceremony First Nations culture is celebrated at EBW!
And not sure if you have gleaned that we are Toronto 'westenders' yet, but if not, one of our favourite markets happens on a Monday - The Sorauren Farmers Market.  This market (from 3 pm - 7 pm) is a family affair.  Great food and always something to do.  They have an upcoming Solar Cooking Workshop at the market on Monday June 25th, put on by Fourth Pig Worker Co-op!  All are welcome, and kids are encouraged to attend with adult supervision, drop-in from 1pm-5pm at the park.  Free, but bring a cardboard box if you can (20" square is a good size), which will make 2 ovens.  Tips and recipes included!  And get some summer reading - $2 Book sale - also next monday on June 25th at the market!  Bring your books to donate that day, and come away with some fresh finds!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Belly Buttons and Babies

This vendor's company name kind of says it all - Belly Buttons and Babies - makes toxin free all natural skincare products for Moms and babies' new skin. 
"All plant & essential oils are gently extracted using steam-distillation & cold pressed techniques and these methods are used to maintain the therapeutic and beneficial properties of these ingredients. Only 100% pure unadulterated Essential Oils are used.
Products made by Belly Buttons & Babies™ are superbly blended and incredibly versatile dual-use products that are extremely safe for both mom and baby and the whole family. Absolutely NO Animal Testing is done on our products, by us or our suppliers".  
Products available directly through the Belly Buttons and Babies site.
Who doesn't want to protect the brand new skin of your beloved new addition?  

In 2009, Belly Buttons & Babies™ won an award for Best New Product from PTPA Media (Parent Tested, Parent Approved). 

Green Bijou

New 100 Mile Finds vendor Green Bijou creates 'Vintage
Made Modern' jewelry, combining true vintage materials with fresh ideas. 'Each piece is a fusion of modern style and aged adornment - Green Bijou is committed to providing you with quality work and fresh designs inspired from 18th and 19th century French antique, Victorian, Art Noouveau,  and Art Deco periods."

Green Bijou will make a coordinated collection - perfect for a wedding party, each piece unique, but tied together through design.  Allow 6-8 weeks for custom work.

We are waiting for Green Bijou to post some select items available for sale until then, but they can now be purchased online at their site (and free shipping over $50).  I am thinking one of these pieces would make a perfect grad gift.  To buy directly, contact Green Bijou through their site.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Freshy Photographic Arts

New vendor Freshy Photographic Arts takes local to a whole new level.  Dierdre's prints include many local scenes such as the Toronto skyline (shot from the Island perhaps??) There are images for the sports fan (especially if you like the Jays), some local cherry blossoms and this iconic ferris wheel shot at a Toronto fair.  These sailboats could be anywhere, but we know they were shot close by.

I love both the effects and the colours of these delightful 8x10 prints.  I can imagine a collection of 3 of them with a local theme gracing my wall.  100 Mile Finds decor might have just been born......
All of the Freshy Potographic Arts prints are posted for only $31 for an 8x10, but other sizes are available by request.

Anyway, we are thrilled to welcome Dierdre and her amazing eye to the site!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Warm Fuzzies

Warm Fuzzies - what a perfect store name for one of the newest vendors to join 100 Mile Finds.  These adorable creatures created by Genevieve are not only something your kids will want to cuddle for fun, but they are heating pads for both young and young at heart.  Great to snuggle with on a cool night.

And these all natural felted balls would be the perfect ball to play with for your newest addition.  This particular guy reminds me of Monsters Inc. - one of our favourite movies a few years ago.
We are so thrilled to have Warm Fuzzies with us - welcome to the 100 Mile Finds community.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Argan Oil

A few months ago, my girl friend Lise introduced me to Argan oil. Lise is sorta famous for her fabulous hair, so if she’s using something new on her hair, I’m trying it.  All of the sudden it’s all I’ve been hearing about. Marilisa Racco wrote an article about Argan oil for the Globe in April and when I was at the Green Living Show this year there was a bunch of vendors flogging Argan Oil. It’s all the rage this Argan Oil, that’s for sure.  As a discerning shopper I want to know what to look for when buying Argan Oil, what makes one Argan Oil better than another AND of course I want to find a local company that supplies it.
First off you should know, Argan Oil isn’t just for hair, it’s a bit of a miracle cure. I use a touch on my hair everyday to keep the frizz down and make it look shiny. It’s great on your elbows and heals too. It can do everything from repair your damaged hair, reduce wrinkles and battle acne while diminishing the appearance of age spots and healing dry scalp and diaper rash! This is something you really want as part of your beauty regime.
Margaret of Beaulance Natural Skin Care, a Toronto based company, gave me a few tips on what to look for when you are purchasing Argan Oil. You want to make sure it comes directly from Morocco and it needs to be unrefined, organic and it shouldn’t be mixed with any other oils. She also mentioned that having been in business for so many years it has given her the opportunity to do extensive research when sourcing raw materials to guarantee high quality and the integrity of the product. Margaret gets her Argan Oil from a woman’s coop in Morocco and it is the purest you can get.
Another great tip Margaret passed on was if you wanted to give your hair a special treatment mix one part Argan Oil with one part Olive Oil, massage it into your hair and leave for an hour and then rinse. I know what a spritz in my hair does every morning, after a treatment like that you would be unstoppable!
Beaulance Natural Skin Care offers their Argan Oil with an atomizer which is really great. It ensures that you aren’t dumping a ton of product into your hand and wasting it and the atomizer allows for touch proof use, keeping the product clean.
Beaulance Natural Skin Care will be at the Toronto Raw/VeganFestival on June 9th and 10th. You should stop by and say hi! It looks like it’s going to be a great show.