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Monday, February 13, 2012

Wilk Watchworks

We were very excited when we saw the work of this new 100 Mile Finds vendor - Wilk Watchworks. Incredible metalsmith, Scott Wilk is a true craftsmen. The focus of his BFA was metalsmithing, and he uses these skills to create the most amazing watches. These watches are your future heirloom. They are functional, handcrafted works of art. You can see the hours of expertise that go into each one. For example the watch featured at right is handcrafted from sterling silver and has a pattern enameled into the oxidized dial. The pattern in the dial is made by milling the design into a wax model before casting and then filling the intaglio relief area with a resin type of enamel after casting.

Scott will meet you by appointment. He also does watch repairs and custom jewellery. Welcome to 100 Mile Finds, Wilk Watchworks!

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