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Monday, July 18, 2011

Henna Planet

It's always a strange feeling to get on the subway without the jacket. I feel a little naked when the weather warms up enough to lose the outerwear. Now it's summer and we are all showing a little more skin - sometimes even when we don't want to. So why not make it even more beautiful, you may even appreciate your largest organ a little more if it is also a tapestry. Henna Planet is the business of Tarquin Singh.
Mehndi, the Hindi word for applying henna designs on the skin, has been used for thousands of years to celebrate special occasions
around the globe. Tarquin has been practicing the ancient art of Menhndi since 2006 and started her home based business in the east end of Toronto in 2008. She makes her own paste from fresh, 100% natural ingredients and does not use any harsh additives. The henna designs are done free hand onto the skin where the paste remains until it flakes off and leaves behind a beautiful, reddish/brownish stain which will last 1 - 3 weeks. So why just get the pedicure - Henna Planet can really dress up those toes!!

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