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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Echoes in the Attic

There are bags and then there are BAGS. Shirley talked a while back about the plethora of re-usable bags that are so poorly made that they will be actually taking up more room in a landfill than the demon plastic bag. So it is without guilt (and with pleasure) that we introduce you to Echoes in the Attic, a creative and talented maker of bags for many purposes. These bags are Canadian, hand-made, using one of a kind fabric combinations and eco-consciously created from reclaimed fabrics.
"Our commitment is to transform discarded 'rescued remnants' from post-manufacturing and designer samples into salvage-chic fashion & home accessories. Echoes regularly rescues tons (literally 500 lbs/2 weeks) of landfill-bound fabrics, refashioning and re-offering them back to consumers as gorgeous, re-purposeful designs such as handbags, totes, diaper/laptop bags and beautiful pillows. We then pass on our leftovers to local artists, craftspeople or it is recycled through one of our donor factories".
It's practical, beautiful, re-purposed, so guilt free.- Susan

I was just in Diaper-eez and there was a great selection of bags from Echoes in the Attic. They are also available at Beadle and Grassroots! -Shirley


  1. Thanks a bunch for the green thumbs up on our little eco-endeavor. We love what we do and it's great when people really get it that we are truly trying to save the planet one handbag at a time.
    Green Regards,
    Laura Jennekens

  2. Great to see you on 100 mile finds - lovely write-up